Our Partners

Meet the extraordinary individuals who make up the vibrant tapestry of our company's extended family. These remarkable friends bring their unique talents, passion, and energy to our shared journey. From innovative thinkers to creative collaborators, our friends contribute to the rich fabric of our community, creating a tapestry woven with friendship, dedication, and shared aspirations. Together, we embrace the spirit of collaboration, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Get to know the wonderful friends who stand beside us, making every step of our journey memorable and rewarding.

Talbot House

A unique museum in a WWI soldier's club with a beautiful garden. If you don't understand why we love the English in West-Flanders: you must visit Talbot House. You can even spend the night there and enjoy a full English Breakfast with our delicious pork sausages. Or why not have one of our scones with a delicious cup of tea.



De Smoefeloare

For the best full English Breakfast  in Oostende, just go round the corner of our shop to De Smoefeloare. We can recommend this little restaurant for lunch and dinner as well. Natacha is a princess in the kitchen. Ask her when she is going to do fish & chips again. Take a bite, close your eyes, you won't believe you are in Belgium. Until Frank serves you a cool glass of one of our local beers.




Our 'little' niece owns the best nail art studio in Oostende.