Twinings Superblend Sweet Dreams

Twinings Superblend Sweet Dreams: from now on sweeten your dreams with this new product by London’s oldest tea house.Twinings Superblends Sweet Dreams

Enjoy a good night’s rest with Twinings Suberblend Sweet Dreams

Twinings Superblend Sweet Dreams with 20 enveloped teabags. It is a raspberry flavoured Herbal infusion with Passionflower, Valerian Root and added Niacin.

Discover the blend of your dreams.
Trust Twinings. The company has over 300 years experience blending teas that taste amazing and make you feel great. By working closely with expert herbalists, the master blenders have combined valerian root, passionflower and limeflower with raspberry flavouring. The result is this softly sweet and floral blend that will help you unwind, just in time for bed.  Just take a sip and let your dreams take you away.

What does Twinings Superblend Sweet Dreams taste like?

Raspberry notes and passionflower combine dreamily to create this sweet fruity blend. It is softly balanced with the delicate floral notes of valerian and limeflower.

The Sweet Dreams infusion is part of Twinings Superblends range

The delicious range of benefit-led green teas and infusions. Expertly blended with an added botanical, vitamin or mineral to support your everyday wellbeing.

Superblends & Twinings Commitment

This  is one of the succesful new addidions to the range that will help you relax before turning in for the night and  guarantees a good night’s sleep.

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Twinings is London’s oldest teahouse with its flagship store on the Strand. Read more about this historic company’s commitment to quality here.


Check out this page here do find out how to make the perfect brew.

Ethical Tea Partnership

We take pride in only dealing brands that are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership.

This is important to us because this Ethical Tea Partnership targets a thriving, socially just, and environmentally sustainable tea sector.

Its mission is to catalyse long-term, systemic change, to benefit everybody who works in tea – especially people in tea-producing regions.

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