PG Tips Original Teabags Are Back

PG Tips Original Teabags Back in Stock

PG Tips Original Teabags are back in stock in our shop in the Christinastraat in Oostende and in the webshop.

Bullie is so pleased, he can enjoy his favourite cup of tea again. He likes it with a cloud of milk. No sugar. Sugar is bad for him, addictive.  Who needs sugar anyway with such a delicious cup of good quality tea?

New is that we now sell this tea in a bag containing 300 original teabags instead of the 240-teabags boxes. Better value for money.


PG Tips Original Teabags Boycott

Why we are experiencing difficulties in buying PG Tips has to do with a boycott against the brand in the industry.

The product’s distributor has been reducing the volume in the packaging while increasing the price at the same time.

Best example are the old 240 teabags boxes. They have shrinkflated to 210 teabags but have gone up with £ 1.50 in English supermarkets.

Our wholesale partner who used to supply us has simply been refusing to buy the product under those circumstances.

We are now working with a new partner who is supplying us with the product so we can sell it to our customers at a reasonable price.

Different packaging

Our best sellling product used to be the 240 teabags box. So this has now become 210 teabags and has risen in price.

The alternative we sell now is a bag containing 300 original teabags. Yes, 300 original teabags, not the ‘One Cup’ teabags. We have those as well in 440 & 1100 packaging.

The big difference is that the Original teabags contain more tea. 300 original teabags contain just about as much tea as 440 ‘One Cup’ teabags. So the Original blend is stronger.

Here is a link to all our PG Tips products:

PG Tips Tea

More information about the brand can be found on their website:

PG Tips Website

And don’t get worried when you click on this link, Lipton, PG Tips, Pukka… belong to the same company.


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